Black Diamond Magnum Edition Knife Block (19

Black Diamond Magnum Edition Knife Block (19" | 49 cm)

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The Magnum Edition of our classic Black Diamond Knife block is a larger version holding up to 22 knives in a tight fit and 11 knives in a lose fit. Our unique, angular float knife block designed by London designer Christian Bird is a magnum piece of art for the kitchen. 

The Magnum block requires a large kitchen top to thrive. It is 49 cm long, 31 cm tall and 21 cm wide. It is a true statement of striking design. The knife block is made of black rubber coated plastic which makes it relatively light for its size.

Clever use of weighting secures the knives in their blocks, just as slight angling allows for easy extraction. Designed for maximum flexibility it is suitable for most knives. 

Black Diamond Magnum offers maximum knife storage for 22 chef knives and loose fit 11 chef knives. Chef knives not included.