With the Shiroi Hana collection we have set out to create a high-end chef knife collection that inspires creativity in the kitchen. To do this we combined Japanese steel, experienced craftsmanship, and unique London design.

Based on our experience in knife making we carefully selected a supreme quality Japanese steel called AUS-10. With a hardness range of 58-60 HRC, high toughness, supreme sharpness and good corrosion resistance, this steel is ideal for the highest quality Chef knives.


Every Shiroi Hana blade consists of 67 layers of premium steel, protecting the AUS-10 Japanese steel cutting core. This multi-layered steel has its origin in both Japanese Samuraiand Damascene sword making.

The SHIROI HANA knives have been designed by Christian Bird, who wanted to create an effortlessly beautiful knife which is both aesthetic and highly functional. This is a set to be put on display, but which can be easily used every day.

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SHIROI HANA BREAD KNIFE 7.5" | 19 CM Regular price £109.80 GBP
SHIROI HANA BONING KNIFE 6" | 15 CM Regular price £89.90 GBP

I love the way it cuts. It’s definitely by far my favourite knife.

Jennifer Behm, US MasterChef winner

I wanted to design a knife you wouldn’t want to put in the drawer.

Christian Bird, designer

These knives are perfect for the stylish kitchen space.


Both elegant and incredibly functional.


They have been sent to the Royal Kitchen where they will be put to excellent use.

Air Marshal Sir David Walker, Master of the Household, Buckingham Palace

Like Driving to work in a Ferrari.

Ollie Dabbous, Michelin Star Chef, Dabbous, London