PRECISION PROFESSIONAL 4 PIECE SET WITH BLACK DIAMOND, , [chef knife], [knife set] - Edge of Belgravia


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The professional four piece set complements the existing knives in the Precision Chef Knife Series. Its extra-large chef and bread knife means it is ideal for all those who think bigger is better. The set includes a new knife for filleting and boning fish, and we introduce a slicing knife with unique recesses so that you can slice salmon or cured meat in the thinnest of slices. The professional set will have you dicing, slicing, chopping, filleting and mincing with impressive ease. If you are not already a Chef, you will be with this set.

Set includes:
1 x Chef’s Knife 7.5” | 19 cm 
1 x Bread Knife 7.5” | 19 cm 
1x Filleting Knife 6” | 15 cm 
1 x Slicing Knife 7.5” | 19 cm

1 x Black Diamond Knife Block

Our unique, angular float knife block designed by Christian Bird is a piece of art for the kitchen.

Clever use of weighting secures the knives in their blocks, just as slight angling allows for easy extraction. Designed for maximum flexibility it is suitable for most knives.