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Ceramic knife


Ceramic blades are second to diamond in hardness, rendering our knives tireless kitchen companions. Made from zirconium oxide, Zr02, forged under 300 tons of pressure and a temperature of 1400˚C, our knives stay sharp for years without need for sharpening. Engineered to perfection for the discerning home chef, our ceramic range is lightweight and exceptionally sharp.

*Knife Care Guidelines

Damascus Steel knife

Damascus Steel

Every Edge of Belgravia Damascus blade consists of 67 layers of Japanese high carbon steel from Echizen city (old Takefu), with each layer contributing to a combined layered effect known as ‘the Damascus effect’. Each layer of steel forms a microscopic cutting edge, giving the blade a formidable sharpness and expert precision. The blade cutting angle is near 35˚ for optimal sharpness. The steel core is of splendid VG10 steel, often called “super steel”, with hardness of HRC 58-60. The multiple Damascus layers are formed around the core by alternation of layers with the softer S/S 430 and S/S 431 steel types. The combination gives the Edge of Belgravia blades near surgical sharpness and supreme anti-corrosive properties.

*Knife Care Guidelines