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Primal Ceramic Professional Five Piece Set


Primal Ceramic is a tribute to the neolithic era. Inspired by our heavy browed forefathers. we combine design elements from stone age blades with the futuristic design of the hallmark handle to form revolutionary cooking tools.

Instead of stone we use ceramic (sintered zirconium oxide). which is second to diamond in hardness. Just like hard stone, these blades stay sharp for years without sharpening.

The professional five piece set is the perfect addition to any kitchen. The Ceramic blades are second only to diamond in hardness, meaning our knives will become enduring kitchen companions. Engineered to perfection for the needs of the discerning home chef, our ceramic range is light-weight and sharp with a microscopically smooth surface to reduce the presence of bacteria.

Paring knife (4”), Utility knife (5”), Serrated knife (5”), Chef knife (6”), Large chef knife (7”)