STINGRAY LARGE 2-Pcs PAN SET | 12"/30cm & 10"/25 cm

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This two piece Stingray Nonstick Frying Pan set features our two larger pans, the 12"| 30cm large pan and the 10"| 25cm pan. It also includes two 12"| 30 cm & 10"| 25cm stainless steel reinforced glass lids , a stainless steel reinforced silicone turner | spatula and two hanging hooks for hanging on a 1-2 cm thick rail. The hooks attach in between the pan and the handle.  

The nonstick coating is ILAG Professional, the latest nonstick coating from Swiss Ilag. It is probably the best coating in the market, with higher scratch resistance and longer lasting nonstick effect. It is PFOA free. 

The Stingray Nonstick Frying Pan is one of its kind. It combines award-winning design, a heavy thick aluminium construction with a state of the art non-stick coating. It is compatible with both induction and gas.  Cooking could not be more exciting. 

Limited stock available. Delivery in July.