The Arondight range is named after Sir Lancelot’s sword, Arondight. It was known to be remarkably sharp and gave Sir Lancelot many victories in battle.

“But Lancelot seemed with joy to wield Before his able breast his shield. He recked not now of lady’s love, But of the strokes with which he clove” - KING ARTHUR’S KNIGHTS, H GILBERT

Our Arondight range is designed for another type of battle: creating delicious dishes in the kitchen'. Just as Sir Lancelot enjoyed wielding and cleaving with Arondight, so will you. Go forth and begin your quest for the Michelin stars.



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Arondight Complete 7 Pc Set

All the knives in our complete seven piece set are designed for a specific purpose. The full set may not prepare you for jousting, but rest assured that you will be equipped to defeat the hardest carrot and cleave the most daring dragon fruit.
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Arondight Steak Knife Set

With the Arondight steak knife set you are ready to feast at King Arthur’s round table. These knives slice effortlessly through even the toughest meats. Impress your fair damsel or knights alike with these laser-sharp and beautifully balanced knives.
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Arondight Essential 4 Pc Set

The four piece set gives you four of the most essential knives used for cooking. Chop a turnip, carve a roast or cut a hog. With this set you are prepared to host a feast for your fairest damsel or knight alike.
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Arondight Chef Knife (7.5" | 19cm)

CHEF’S KNIFE 7.5" | 19 cm The 19 cm Chef's Knife is for everyone who thinks bigger is better. This blade is designed for cutting through the largest vegetables, or a handsome chunk of meat. Its sharpness, size and rounded blade shape will have you dicing, slicing, chopping and mincing anything you want with ease.
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Arondight Chef Knife (6" | 15cm)

CHEF’S KNIFE 6" | 15 cm The 15 cm Chef's Knife is the smaller brother of the larger Chef's Knife. Our customers love this easy-to-handle shape. With this knife, you will find yourself preparing the most delicious dishes - you will become the true lord of Joyous Gard!
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Arondight Bread Knife (7.5" | 19cm)

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BREAD KNIFE 7.5" | 19 cm Excellent bread merits an excellent bread knife. The 19 cm Bread Knife is the best thing since sliced bread. The serrations ensure that your slice remains aerated and bouncy. Never underestimate the versatility of the sharp serrated blade of our Bread Knife!
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Arondight Steak Knife (6" | 15cm)

STEAK KNIFE 6" | 15 cm The 15 cm steak knife set is the perfect addition to any meat lover’s kitchen. The Knife blades are made from specially hardened stainless steel to provide the finest possible cutting edge. Large serrations on the blade guarantee a terrific cut each time. Its hallmark Edge of Belgravia handle will impress any guests while its all steel design makes it both easy to clean and maintain.
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Arondight Slicing Knife (7.5" | 19cm)

SLICING KNIFE 7.5" | 19 cm The Slicing Knife has a series of alternating scallops on both sides of the blade. These reduce the drag on the knife and allow for easy separation of food from the blade. As a result, the precision chef can cut perfect paper-thin slices.
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Arondight Filleting Knife (6" | 15cm)

FILLETING KNIFE 6" | 15 cm Our Filleting Knife is the ultimate tool for filleting and boning. It has been specially requested by a number of London's top professional chefs for the precision that the flexible blade offers. When you use our Filleting Knife, you will instantly see the difference in your cuts. It is the perfect tool for all your complex seafood dishes.
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Arondight Deba Knife (5" | 12.5cm)

DEBA KNIFE 5” | 12.5 cm The Deba Knife takes its inspiration from Japanese salmon knives, known as "Deba" in their homeland. Just like the traditional Japanese Debas, the edge is ground only on one side for a clean cut. This combination is perfect for slicing cured salmon, tuna steak, sushi, or even lemons and peppers. The cut is splendidly clean - we love this knife!
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Arondight Paring Knife (4" | 10cm)

PARING KNIFE 4" | 10 cm The small Paring Knife is perfect for controlled and detailed tasks. With this knife, you will be able to craft intricate shapes effortlessly, and add creative patterns to your cooking. Next time you make a dry martini, use the tip of the knife to detail a lemon twist. With our Paring Knife, prepare for an inspired cooking experience down to the smallest detail.
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Black Diamond XL

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Our unique, angular float knife block designed by Christian Bird is a piece of art for the kitchen.

Clever use of weighting secures the knives in their blocks, just as slight angling allows for easy extraction. Designed for maximum flexibility it is suitable for most knives.

This XL version is designed specifically for the Arondight and Galatine collections.

I wanted to design a knife you wouldn’t want to put in the drawer.
— Christian Bird, designer
These knives are perfect for the stylish kitchen space.
— Cool Hunting
I love the way it cuts. It's definitely by far my favourite knife.
— Jennifer Behm, US MasterChef winner
Both elegant and incredibly functional.
They have been sent to the Royal Kitchen where they will be put to excellent use.
— Air Marshal Sir David Walker, Master of the Household, Buckingham Palace

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