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The classic 4-piece set

The complete Precision collection consisting of the Bread, Chef’s, Deba and Paring knife designed for precision in cooking.
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Complete Set

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now £299.00

Our Tasekiso blades consists of 67 layers of Japanese high carbon steel from the Takefu Special Steel Company. Each layer contribute to a combined layered Damascined effect known as ‘the Damascus effect’.

The steel core is of splendid VG10 steel – also called ‘super steel’ – with hardness of HRC 58–60. The multilayered layers are formed around the core by alternating the softer S/S 430 and S/S 431 steel types. This combination gives our Tasekiso blades supreme anti-corrosive properties and near surgical sharpness.

Supreme sharpness
Long edge retention
High quality steel
Comfortable grip

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Onyx Ceramic Set


Our award-winning Ceramic collection combines bold design and the outstanding sharpness of our ceramic blades without the need for sharpening. Featured in design blogs and magazines and loved by our chefs – this is a timeless collection.

The high–tech zirconium oxide blades are second to diamond in hardness, keeping these blades sharp for years whereas a cheap steel knife may be dull after only a month of use. With regular use the Ceramic series could keep sharp for years without sharpening. Their lightweight and comfortable handle makes them easy to use for supreme cooking. Award-winning design by Christian Bird.

Stays sharp for years
Comfortable grip

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Lime Ceramic Set


The complete Ceramics collection consisting of the Chef’s, Slicer, Santoku, Utility and Paring knife – with the rubber coated handle in Onyx or Lime. Each knife forms part of a limited edition series.

I wanted to design a knife you wouldn’t want to put in the drawer.
— Christian Bird, designer
These knives are perfect for the stylish kitchen space.
— Cool Hunting
I love the way it cuts. It's definitely by far my favourite knife.
— Jennifer Behm, US MasterChef winner
Both elegant and incredibly functional.
They have been sent to the Royal Kitchen where they will be put to excellent use.
— Air Marshal Sir David Walker, Master of the Household, Buckingham Palace

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