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Galatine Full 7 Pc Set

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Put your faith in steel with this jet-black range from Edge of Belgravia and you will feel just as victorious. Like Galatine, each blade’s edge is supremely sharp. The only foes you will be vanquishing, though, are the ones on your chopping board. With Galatine in hand, you are ready to prepare a grand feast for your friends or family.


Set Includes:

1 x Slicing Knife 7.5" | 19cm

1 x Chef Knife 7.5" | 19cm

1 x Bread Knife 7.5" | 19cm

1 x Chef Knife 6" | 15cm

1 x Deba Knife 5" | 12.5cm

1 x Paring Knife 4" | 10cm

1 x Fish Filleting Knife 6" | 15cm